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We are committed to sharing our Love Story around the world with other couples by offering couple's travel, getaways, and retreats to renew & ignite your love.


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Love and Travel

March 2019

When you're married, it's not always easy to connect to other couples.  The wives may move differently or the husbands may not be socially compatible or whatever.  But when you are fortunate to be able to connect and remain genuine, it makes for meaningful times together, a relaxed environment and enjoyable occasions.  How do you connect with other couples?

4 Reasons to Travel with Other Couples

December 14, 2019

*Have friends that feel like family. Some that you can enjoy the best and go through some of the worst times with. *Friends that add richness to your relationship that you can gleam from and add to theirs.
*You can be free to love, laugh, explore, and learn from each other.

*Create the support circle you may need when times get challenging.

Why Wait for a Vow Renewal

March 2016

 "The four seasons are Our character
and our Off springs...
For every Spring is our New year
Rejoicing with a youthful jubilance
simply because we know what it feels like... to come through the Winter and in the end make it back to the beginning because we can still take a wondrous look at each other with a gleam and....Smile." @spencerallenbiz


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