Updated: Dec 12, 2019

"You put my body to sleep and tested my mind. I conjured you from the night before, when in my thoughts I rocked you to sleep and prayed that on Thanksgiving Day you would enjoy your time spent with family.

Throughout the day all thoughts of you would sure to Bless you with good intentions and well wishes. No matter how my day would be different it was well spent as long as your day was happily filled.

Unknowingly, you reaching out to me filled my spirit with a hearty meal and with every word, I envisioned your voice resonating throughout my eardrum with the rhythm of the beast of my heart. With our goodnight, wishes of sweet dreams, and jesters of kisses placed upon eyelids anticipation filled me when what ever tomorrow you would decide to teach out again. I will be there to receive you.

And Now You Are My Wife, Wiz, My Balance!" Spencer Allen

When a man knows she IS the RIGHT ONE for HIM, He will make it KNOWN. And will NOT hesitate.... Man Up!

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